Slim Gaillard's Civilisation


Episode 3: "My Dinner With Dizzy"

Slim Gaillard cooks dinner for his old friend Dizzy Gillespie. They discuss the English language and their contributions to it — 'bebop' and 'Vout-o-reenee'.

They also recall working with Charlie Parker and conjure up the ghosts of the other great names of 52nd Street in its jazz heyday. And from Hollywood - memories of the days when the likes of Bob Hope and Marlene Dietrich were swapping items from Gaillard's Vout-o-reenee dictionary.

  • Contributors:
    • Charlie Parker
    • Bob Hope
    • Dizzy Gillespie
    • Marlene Dietrich
  • Executive producer: Nigel Finch
  • Director: Anthony Wall

An 'Arena' special, first broadcast by BBC2 on 5 November 1989.