Slim Gaillard's Civilisation


Episode 1: "Everything's OK In The UK"

'There are only two men that I look up to - Slim Gaillard and Dizzy Gillespie. Without them I wouldn't be playing.' (Miles Davis)

Slim Gaillard's story comes up to date. Today he lives a life of gentlemanly leisure in London pursuing an interest in golf, snooker and the occasional appearance at international jazz festivals. From the fireside in his club he surveys his film career, looking back on roles in Roots, Absolute Beginners and Planet of the Apes. He introduces us to his family - in particular, his daughter who married Marvin Gaye. He goes down to the station early in the morning to see the little puffa-billys all in a row and reveals all about the girl in the testcard.

  • Contributors:
    • Dizzy Gillespie
    • Marvin Gaye
  • Executive producer: Nigel Finch
  • Director: Anthony Wall

An 'Arena' special, first broadcast by BBC2 on 12 November 1989.